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Atomic Camo

The Atomic Camo is a dynamic, moving camo, this one is for the truly dedicated players out there. To unlock the Atomic weapon camo, you have to have unlocked the Diamond camo for every gun in the game. Yep, that means you have to level up all the weapons up to max level, usually 70 and obtain gold camos of all the weapons by completing specific challenges or achievements, yes launchers and sidearms too.

Once you do finish the slog through unlocking diamond in every category, the Atomic camo will automatically unlock on every gun you’ve powered through. Since it’s available on everything, think of it more as a permanent badge of honour you’ll always be able to shine at people regardless of your loadout.

You will obtain:

  • *The Diamond Camo for all weapon categories
  • *The Gold Camo for all weapons
  • *All basic camos for all weapons
  • 70 level for 27 primary weapons
  • 60 level for 5 secondary weapons
  • Experience for your Battle Pass

*No dlc weapons

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